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Anwar al-Awlaki was a Muslim scholar of Yemeni heritage born in New Mexico. He served as an Imam in California, and later in the Washington, D.C. area where he headed the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center and was also the Muslim Chaplain at George Washington University. In 2004 he returned to his native Yemen where he taught at Eman university.

Most Popular Lectures of Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki:

  • Akhira – The HereAfter
  • Life of Muhammad (PBUH) (Makkan Period)
  • Life of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (Medinan Period)
  • Lives of the Prophets
  • Life of Abu Bakr As Siddique (r.a.)
  • Life of Umar Ibn al-Khattab (r.a.)
  • Stories from Hadiths

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May Allah have mercy on Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki and accept him amongst the Shuhadha. Ameen.


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